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instagramWith over 130 million users and a mind boggling 16 billion images shared to date, Instagram is currently one of the fastest growing social media platforms. If you have a compelling visual component to your brand then Instagram might well be the best social media platform for your business. But how can you make it work for you?

Are you Compatible?

First and foremost you’ll need to make sure that your business is compatible with the visual format, your content needs to tell a story about your brand to engage your audience. Simply put – if you don’t have anything to photograph or film, then Instagram isn’t for you.

Exclusive Access

Use your Instagram to promote upcoming sales and events, showcase your products and take people behind the scenes of your business. Giving your Instagram followers ‘insider access’ to your business will create a sense of exclusivity and keep your brand fresh in their minds.


One of the most powerful features of Instagram is hashtags. Preface relevant keywords with a # to make your content searchable to other Instagram users and try searching hashtags that are related to your brand to see what people are saying about you, or find other people of interest to engage with.

Don’t Give the Hard Sell

Use great quality pictures and great content to speak for your business and try not to engage in ‘sales talk’ with your followers unless they initiate contact. Social media is all about being social, so try to embrace that philosophy and lay off the hard sell.

When it comes to small business marketing in today’s digital world, if you’re not using some form of social media then chances are you’re missing out on reaching an integral part of your target market. Use a combination of social media channels to target specific audiences.

The average age of the Instagram user, for example, is 18 to 24 and skewed more towards women. So keep this in mind if you choose to use Instagram for your business. Don’t take this channel too seriously and remember to have fun with it!

If you would like assistance with your digital marketing then we can help. Contact the team at Kwik Kopy today to find out how we can improve your online marketing techniques and increase the online presence of your business.

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