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contentrelevantOne of the biggest challenges of a website redesign when you’ve been used to good search engine rankings and traffic – is meeting or exceeding your current algorithms so that you don’t lose visitors or your position in search rankings.

Your web pages are under the constant scrutiny of search engine algorithms that are looking for web pages containing the keywords used in searches to assign a rank to each page.*

*Higher ranked pages are the ones that appear first in Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

If you redesign your website and remove or dramatically alter the content that search engines were using to rank and categorise your site, then it raises the red flag that your content may not be up to scratch and not worth sharing in people’s searches.

3 Tips to Keep Content Relevant When Redesigning Your Website

  1. Conduct an audit of the copy on your existing site – identify how many pages of meaningful content you have and make sure there is a plan to include these in your new architecture.
  2. Recognise keyword phrases that describe your business, your products and services. Make sure your web provider has a complete understanding on the most important products, services and keywords you want to preserve during the transition.
  3. Identify any new content that may be required to highlight new products and services or to start a blog page.

The Importance of Your Homepage

A website design that works well for small business is one with a simple homepage and clean navigation that lends itself to limited copy with appealing calls to action.

If you decide to go in this direction but the previous version of your site had a text and link rich homepage, then there will need to be a plan to move all the quality content to internal pages, ideally only one click away. This way search engines will continue to find you and you will maintain your rankings.

As you can see, all it takes is some proper planning. Working with Kwik Kopy, you can be sure of relevant up-to-date content that continues to drive traffic to your website.

For more information, speak to your local Kwik Kopy today. 

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