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Influential brands on social mediaSocial media is an important part of everyday life for your customers and prospects, so it’s important that you successfully connect and share experiences with them online. You see social media can be used not just to establish your brand’s message but to keep it moving forward and creating more and more brand exposure.

Even as a small business you can achieve big success if you understand how to reach your customers. Being a large brand is not enough to succeed on social media. It’s the brands who are authentic and understand the need to create compelling and meaningful content that manage to engage their target audience.

Let’s take a look at some of the most influential brands on social media in 2014 who know how to get things right across the broad social web.

3 Influential Brands on Social Media in 2014


Amazon leads the way when it comes to connecting with its consumers on social media. They capitalise on everything that is happening in real time whether it’s celebrating a particular day, event or the product offers they have. What Amazon manages to do particularly well is to generate content across social media that will be useful for their target market.


Microsoft is another successful brand in understanding how to effectively use social media with its target market. LinkedIn is one social channel where they have enjoyed considerable success by releasing new and engaging content tailored to its audience as well as continually updating users on relevant industry news. When it comes to LinkedIn, adding your voice to relevant conversations that audiences care about can also help a business’ social media success.


MTV is another brand that is extremely influential when it comes to social media. They know exactly who their audience is and who they want to attract. MTV successfully generates content and entertainment across social media platforms where the messaging is focused on their target audience to not just make a connection but to build a lasting relationship.


For advice on how to connect with your customers and prospects online, speak to the web and digital team at your local Kwik Kopy today.



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