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screen.163942As we start the New Year, you maybe considering ways that you can improve your business in 2014. You’re not alone! No matter how successful the past year has been for your business, the New Year is a great new opportunity to improve and your website is a great place to start.

Refresh Your Design

Your website design needs to evolve, not only with your business as it grows, but also with design trends, to avoid becoming dated. A dated website can affect your brand credibility and see a potential decrease in customer engagement.

Go Mobile Friendly

If you only do one thing for your business in 2014, make your content mobile optimised. These days, people are on the move and they expect to be able to access your data anywhere and anytime. Businesses with mobile optimised data are seeing a significant increase in sales over those with traditional websites.

Or Just Simplify

Even if you can’t afford to make your site entirely mobile friendly, you can assist mobile visitors by simplifying your design. Remove unnecessary elements and excess font changes, tone down the colour scheme for a more minimalist and modern approach.

Take a Look at Your Analytics

Crunching the numbers will help you get a better idea for what is currently working on the site and what could be improved. Take note of the landing pages, and pages with high bounce rates as well as tracking where the bulk of your traffic is coming from.

Consider a Blog

A blog is a great way in increase customer engagement, improve your search engine rankings and add value to your customer’s experience of your brand.

For more information about how you can update your website for the New Year, contact the team at Kwik Kopy today for an obligation free design consultation. 

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