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YoutubemarketingEvery business wants to know the secret to success when it comes to using videos to create a great marketing campaign. Whilst there is no magic formula – it’s all about creating a video that people want to watch and share. This means making a connection with your audience by including a trigger that is going to help get people talking.

A great marketing video can really level the playing field – as any business has the potential to cut through the clutter, regardless of its size or marketing budget. A brilliant idea coupled with proper execution will help you win you audience over.

Here are four examples we think will inspire you…

Our 4 Favourite YouTube Marketing Campaigns

1.  Metro Trains (Melbourne) – Dumb Ways to Die

Let’s start in Australia with this fantastic campaign from Metro Trains in Melbourne. They chose to use light humour to raise awareness of passenger safety, by creating a cartoon posted on YouTube called ‘Dumb Ways to Die’. More than 85,000,000 have caught on to its dark humour and catchy tune. See for yourself…

2. Old Spice – the Man Your Man Could Smell Like

The Old Spice campaigns featuring Mustafa – the Old Spice man quickly found an appreciative audience with its combination of extremely clever copy and flawless delivery. But it was the interactivity which made it a viral hit staging a social media battle between Mustafa and Fabio. Sneak a peek…

3. Blendtec – Will It Blend?

Blendtec hit on an ingenious idea of how to tell the world they made the most powerful blender. The marketing guys bought a white lab coat, some marbles, McDonalds, a cooked chicken, a garden rake and some safety glasses and filmed five videos featuring their boss, Tom Dickson who asked the question ‘Will it blend?’ before blitzing the items. The result was a staggering six million views and Dickson becoming an online celebrity overnight. Six months later became a keynote speaker on the effectiveness of viral marketing campaigns. Hold your breath as you watch if an iPhone 5S will really blend…

4. Snickers Australia – Aussie Builders Surprise Public

We started close to home so let’s finish there too. This campaign is a local adaptation of a global theme being run by Snickers. The premise of the campaign is that you become someone else when you’re hungry – and as such, behave unexpectedly. The Aussie version staged a candid camera-style experiment to prove that construction workers are just not themselves when they’re hungry. Check it out…

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