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websiteDid you know that online visitors judge a business by what they see in the first three seconds? This means it’s vital to have a web design that gets the response rate your company deserves.

But knowing where to start can be a problem so here’s our Top 10 checklist to ensure your website has strong visual appeal.

1. Does your website look professional and is it aesthetically pleasing?

Customers and prospects need to find your website easy to navigate which means making it easy for visitors to learn about your business, buy your products, request quote, contact you, sign up to your newsletter. In fact, anything your business needs

2. Is there a professional logo?

Your logo should appear on every web page, ideally on the top left hand side.

3. Is there a call to action (CTA) or key message in your main banner?

A clear ‘call to action’ (CTA should be displayed on the main banner of your site.

4. Is there a contact number on the top of your website?

The highest converting websites have a phone number placed on the top of their website, to make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you.

5. Is it immediately clear what your business does?

It’s really important that your website communicates what your business does quickly and easily, without this you could be losing a lot of potential business.

6. Can you tell what you want visitors to your website to do (primary action)?

Make this obvious on every page so that you can drive visitors towards an action or outcome you want for your business.

7. Can you tell what secondary action/s the website is asking for?

A clearly defined secondary action is also important for a website. This is what you want visitors to do if they aren’t quite ready to do business with you just yet.

8. Is your menu navigation logical and easy to move around the website?

It’s important to have a logical flow for your website so that visitors can find it easy to move around your site, which in turn helps improve your conversion rate.

9. Do you have social media share buttons?

Did you know that consumers believe 15% of what a brand says about itself but 76% of what their peers say about a brand? So it’s important that social media share buttons are set up or made more visible.

10. Have you got a lead capture form on every page?

Having an up-to-date email database of your website visitors can make a big difference to your bottom line.

The web design experts at Kwik Kopy can create a new website design that generates a good impression from the start and makes it easy for your visitors to do business with you. Why not give us a call today!

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