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logo design mobile desktopA great logo is a must for any business to make a strong first impression with customers and prospects, but these days your logo needs to work brilliantly across a range of mediums both in print and online.

What Is a Responsive Logo?

Just like a responsive website is all about your site having the same look and feel on any device people are accessing it from, a responsive logo is all about the size and orientation of your company logo adapting for the small screen too. But to achieve this in any visual space your logo is filling, you need to have just the right logo design that conveys the appropriate message about your brand at any size or on any device it is being viewed on.

3 Reasons a Responsive Logo is Great for Business

  1. Brand Consistency

In the competitive online world, a business needs to be able to do all that it can to help create and maintain brand awareness and build repeat business and customer loyalty. A responsive logo design means your company logo will appear perfectly no matter what device it is being viewed on which in turn contributes to brand consistency and helps build brand credibility too.

  1. Design Simplicity

Responsive logo design should encourage designers to create logos with a simple image and at the end of the day that design simplicity will make your logo easy to remember and identify with. A no nonsense logo design is also good news for business as it’s easy to replicate across all your marketing materials and has the potential to generate customer approval with your straightforward, honest approach.

  1. Social Impact

A one size fits all responsive logo design would be ideal for use across all social media platforms, if you think about how the specs for profile images can vary between popular business social media pages such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. If your business logo could appear in perfect focus every time it adjusted to fit the allocated space, it would have to be good for your brand image.

For a brilliant logo design that gets your business noticed at any size, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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