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NewsletterAs businesses search for ways to maximise the return on their marketing dollar, the email newsletter (eNewsletter) continues to be an effective and cost effective promotional tool.

You get to connect directly with your audience and it’s a great way to stay top of mind with customers as well as generate interest with prospects.

One of the biggest issues faced by a small business is exactly how to get started, so here are some tips to deliver an email newsletter that stands out and speaks directly to your targets.


5 Tips To Create An Effective eNewsletter

1. Great Content

For an eNewsletter to be effective, you need to create an interesting, consistent format.  Include articles that appeal to your target audience and make sure your design lets readers quickly scan for key messages, value propositions and call to actions (i.e. short sections of text and eye catching headlines).

2. Sign-Up Form

Make it easy for your targets to hear from you by including a sign-up form for your email newsletter as a call to action on each page of your business website.

3. Regular Schedule

Creating a consistent schedule (and more importantly sticking to it) helps your company plan its activities, generate content and meet publishing deadlines as well as setting an expectation with your recipients.

4. Track Progress

Make sure you set up analytics to enable your business to monitor and measure things such as opens, forwards and click-through rates. This data lets you track how your newsletter is being used and what your audience is interested in to update and refine your content to maximise engagement as well as help tailor specific messages to customers.

5. Comply With Anti-Spam Rules

Always check that your business practices and eNewsletters do not breach the Spam Act 2003 or the Australian Privacy Principles (APPS). Always make sure that your eNewsletter includes an unsubscribe message in every issue and make sure you process unsubscribe requests promptly.

Remember, before hitting send it’s always a good idea to run tests to ensure your eNewsletter displays correctly in various browsers and that all links are working as they should be.

For an eNewsletter that enhances your business reputation, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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