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typographywebTypography is a big deal when it comes to your web design. Yes – it makes your content look attractive but these days it has an even bigger responsibility. The typography you choose can influence how people perceive your website and how visitors engage with it.

Let’s take a closer look at the role of typography and why it has such a powerful role to play in the design of your website.

3 Reasons Why you Need Great Typography for your Web Design

1. Helps Guide Site Visitors

Typography helps guide your site visitors through the content on your website. Great content isn’t enough to keep people interested – it needs to be presented well too. The size and colour of the text you use through to how it’s arranged and aligned on the page will impact on how (and if) your content is read.  Your choice of typography and how you feature it helps with the structure and flow of your website as well as help direct visitors to the most important information.

2. Reinforces Your Brand

The web gives your brand new opportunities to interact with customers and prospects. Online branding is so much more than your company logo so you need to make sure it is complemented by fantastic web typography to carry your brand forward. The right web typography can carry so much influence with your site visitors and achieving harmony between your logo, fonts and typeface will help build familiarity and credibility in your business and brand.

3. Maintains Consistency

When we search online, we like to see order and familiarity on the websites we visit. If you change the rules you risk confusing your users or making them feel uncomfortable. Great typography pulls your website together and maintains consistency. When you keep the use of all your elements on your website uniform (such as your font, typeface, colour and size) your create a more user-friendly experience which makes people want to come back time and time again – and that has to be good for business!

For web design that gets results for your business, contact the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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