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AudioSound may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about enhancing your website, but audio still has a part to play in improving the overall experience and enjoyment of your site.

In fact, it can make the entire experience more immersive for your site visitor and can be as effective as any visual cue if done well.

WHEN, WHY and HOW to use audio on your website…

When to use audio

Consider using audio if it is going to help reinforce or clarify an important message to your site visitor. So if there’s something that definitely requires their attention and you think sound is going to be the only way to achieve this goal – then go for it!

Why use audio

There’s no doubt that context and identity has a role to play in the why. If you’re trying to create a fun user experience on your site then audio could achieve your goal perfectly. You can definitely consider creating a suite of sounds that reflect the visual identity of your site.

How to effectively use audio

To use audio effectively it’s important to think about the quality of the sound and choose the right tone to appeal to your site visitor. Make sounds short (about half a second) and only repeat it if absolutely necessary.

Remember that if your site visitors are likely to be on the move then you need to use audio that will enhance their mobile experience. They’re probably going to encounter plenty of background noise that will impact on their ability to hear, so make sure you choose the right pitch to cut through this.

The decision to use audio really comes down to whether it will add value to your particular business website.

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