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web design trends2014 was a great year for web design, with some amazing design ideas emerging throughout the year. The great news is that 2015 is set to be even more exciting but the trick is being able to tell which design trends are fashionable but fleeting, and which are here to stay.

It’s not an exact science of course, but here are our tips for top design trends this year.

4 Web Design Trends for 2015

1. Flexible Typography

Digital typography has been evolving now for some years. It has taken the digital design community a while to fully embrace this trend, but in 2015 you’ll see even more designers making a conscious effort to present the written word in a more dynamic and powerful way.

2. Flat Design

In 2014 flat design started to pop up in various segments of the industry and this year you will see this trend appear more and more. Flat design is a great concept for minimalist websites and can bring a lot of life to sites that are looking for a clutter-free, content focused design. Ideal for distraction-free browsing!

3. Parallax Scrolling Animation

The most impressive trend of 2014 and one which is set to stay in 2015 (and beyond) is parallax scrolling animation. We see huge engagement on sites which incorporate parallax scrolling effects – with some sites seeing improvements of up to 70%. It’s a clever design concept on many levels so expect to see many more websites taking the parallax plunge in 2015.

4. Webgraphics

We are visual species and as such – becoming more and more reliant on visual stimuli to help us process information. With the creation of the infographic we saw a new and easy way to share large amounts of information in an easily digestible way – but the webgraphic takes this concept to a whole new level. In 2015, expect to see webgraphics really establish themselves as a major web design component.

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