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MinimalistWe live in a busy online world where a myriad of websites are competing for attention. So you will be pleased to learn that when it comes to web design, less really is more.  A clean, minimalist design can be just as effective when it comes to capturing the attention of your customers.

A minimalist design will straight away focus the attention of your site visitor on the important aspects of your website.  It works well because it places emphasis on the action, content and message of your business.

When deciding if a minimalist approach is right for your business, it’s important to think about the elements of design that are essential for your site in order to showcase your brand. Here are some things to think about to get you started…

Core Message

A minimalist approach to web design is about including the most essential elements, such as a core message that encourages visitors to learn more about your business.

Example: Arne Meister Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art

White Space

White space is very effective when it comes to achieving a clean website design. It’s all about the amount of space you have surrounding your website elements, including a liberal amount of space around your content, images and blocks of text.

Example: Two Create

Two Create 

Short Intro

You may want to consider initiating an engaging conversation with your site visitors or start with a short introduction that will lead them to the next step.

Example: McChillin


Highlight Your Product

Another effective approach when creating a minimalist web design is to simply highlight your products as the most important element.

Example: A Good Book

A good book

Light Colours

Additionally, light colours are extremely effective for a simple web design as they do not draw the attention of users away from its main content.

Example: Lexican


Crisp Images

Modern web design also incorporates simple but crisp images that create a professional look that will engage your site visitors.

Example: Cory Gibbons

Cory Gibbons


To find out if a minimalist website design could be a good fit for your company, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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