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videoVideo has become an increasingly powerful part of the modern business world. Studies show that video not only increases the amount of time people spend on your business website but that they are also likely to buy more.

Video gives you a chance to build trust and might be an easier way for you to explain what you do rather than in text alone.

To achieve the highest possible engagement for your business, you need to create videos that are short and upbeat and say all they need to in less than two minutes. This makes your business video easily shareable, opening you up to a larger number of customers and prospects making their way directly to your website.

So we know video works but just what content should a small business include? Here are three ideas to get you started:

  1. Company value proposition: Video is a great way to make a deeper connection with some of your audience because they’ll get to see and hear you. You can use video to quickly and clearly explain the benefits of what you’re offering to prospective customers.
  2. Customer testimonials: Video can bring customer testimonials to life making them even more credible to other customers and prospects.
  3. Video tutorials: If you have key questions that customers and prospects ask you all the time you can create a short video for each question demonstrating the answer. You can also use video to help customers understand more complex topics.

Video lets each visitor view and gain insightful knowledge into your business and creates a connection with you before you’ve even met.  As an added bonus, it makes your business more visible in search engines, with video content ranking really well on Google.

With so many people preferring to consume content in video format instead of regular written content, why not  speak to the team at Kwik Kopy about creating an engaging video for your business.


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