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30042014 cmsAccording to a recent study by W3Techs*, more than 65% of websites don’t use a content management system (CMS). With content marketing having more of an impact for businesses than ever before, now is the time to focus on incorporating a content management system into your site.

The Benefits of a CMS

  1. Easy to Use
    You don’t need to have any kind of formal training to use a CMS. No HTML or coding knowledge is required and if you have basic computer knowledge (since you’re reading this blog we’re guessing you do!) then you’ll be able to use a CMS with no issues.
  2. You’re in Charge
    Because there is no complicated coding involved you’re free to add, edit or update information all by yourself, no need to call on another department or team for help.
  3. Saves you Money
    A CMS will save you money because you can do it all yourself, but even if you are outsourcing content work to someone else, a CMS will save you money because it makes the entire process a lot more streamlined.
  4. Collaboration is a Breeze
    Most CMSs allow multiple users to work on a site and many have features like workflows, permissions and approval chains to make life easier for everyone involved.
  5. Access your Data Anywhere
    An online CMS means you can access your data anywhere there is an Internet connection, you don’t even need a computer, these days you can access your data from a smartphone.
  6. SEO Friendly
    Your content management system will have built-in SEO tools such including keyword monitoring and sitemap.xml creation to help you manage your SEO and improve your search engine rankings.
  7. Future-Proof your Site
    The Internet is dynamic and web standards are constantly changing. If your website is powered by a CMS then your site will automatically update as web standards change.


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