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Business Card Finishes

Designing your business card is just half of the work. When you hand your cards out, you want to make sure that first touch is the perfect introduction to your business.

Do you want your business card to look sleek? Tough and durable? Or perhaps glossy and fresh? Would you like a certain weight or texture? Perhaps a spot varnish over an area to highlight it to your client? All of these rely on your choice of business card finish. Check out our video on Kwik Kopy’s Finishing Services.

Kwik Kopy sees the value in a variety of business card finishes. It really can be the difference between a business card that gets attention and one that gets thrown in the bin five minutes after your meeting. Any finish, any style: we can capture your business and embody it in a business card.

Premium Business Card Finishes

Looking for that “perfect business card” of your dreams? Then you’re looking for a premium business card finish. With a premium business card, you can make an impression that lasts.

Premium business card finishing services include:

  • Premium paper stock choices
  • Die cutting options
  • Varnishing choices
  • Single or double sided

If you are running a business that thrives off of a stylish and top-class image, then premium business card finishing is ideal for your printed stationery needs.

Economy Business Card Finishes

You don’t need the top option to print a business card you can be proud to hand out. The Economy Business Card finishing options are for small to mid-sized businesses and other independent contractors and small teams.

Why economy business cards (and not cheap business cards)? We understand that running a smaller (or sole trader) business means budgets can be tight but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a second rate product. Economy finishing options provide everything you could want with your standard yet reliable business card, something that cheap business cards don’t always guarantee: smaller print runs, digital printing, black and white, single sided, the standard quality finishes.

We want to provide businesses with the option to print business cards for day-to-day use. With economy finishes, you will receive the highest-quality service and support from Kwik Kopy, as we help you design and print a business card that successfully represents your business and brand.

Matte Business Cards

There aren’t many styles more timeless than the matte finish. That smooth, elegant finish is one for the ages, making a statement every time it walks in the room.

At Kwik Kopy, we can print the Matte Business Card that certifies your professionalism. Our clients that choose the matte finish do so to emphasise absolute quality and customer exclusivity.

There’s just something about that matte look that people can’t get enough of. Join the ranks of our matte business card customers today.

Gloss Business Cards

Gloss printing – beautiful, stylish, and stunning. The natural sparkle and shine that comes with the gloss finish makes any Gloss Business Card stand out like a celebrity.

Gloss is more than just a style; in many ways, it’s also a way to preserve the freshness of your card. The gloss finish gives the card an extra layer to keep it durable and long-lasting, meaning your card will look better, much longer.

Embossed Business Cards

No finish emphasises that “premium” feel more than the Embossed Business Card. With a unique tactile element that stimulates your clients and customers on the tips of their fingers, embossed business cards are always an interesting way to make your card stand out.

We have a variety of embossing (and debossing) methods, including glazing, registered embossing and blind embossing. Whether you want something subtle and soft or flashy and distinct, embossed business cards might be the option for you.

Foiled Business Cards

For that metallic, eye-catching look, we offer the foiled business card that your customers’ eyes literally won’t be able to resist.

This unique metallic finish guarantees that your business cards catch the light of the room. With reflective surfaces, your card will make that lasting impression that no other card can create.

Recycled Business Card Stock

For the most affordable option (while also keeping mother nature in mind), we offer the recycled stock business cards. Keep it simple and keep it light on your budget.

Ready To Print A Business Card With A Special Finish?

If you would like to know more about available business card finishes, just give us a call today. At Kwik Kopy, we’re always ready to hear your ideas. We also have speciality business card options for something a little different!

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