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business card design and printing services at kwik kopyYour business card is one of the most important and effective marketing tools you can have if you get your design and printing just right. One of the dilemmas facing business owners is whether to print information on just one side of the business card or to use both sides. Here are some points to consider so that the option you choose for your business card makes a great first impression.

3 Benefits of a Single-sided Business Card

Important Information Clearly Displayed

A single-sided business card let’s you display all your important information clearly on the front. Your name, logo, phone number, email and website are all there to see at first glance. A single-sided card also ensures that your business and contact details doesn’t get hidden or ignored in any filing system the recipient might use.

Space to Take Notes

Plenty of people have a habit of writing notes on the back of business cards. By choosing a single-sided card for your business, you’re allowing the recipient to have a space to write down things while networking.


A single-sided business card is a cost-effective option in terms of your printing expense. If budget constraints are an issue then you can definitely avoid additional work and ink by choosing to print on one side.

3 Benefits of a Double-sided Business Card

Better Use of Space

business cardIf you have lots of information to include on your business card trying to cram it all on one side will make everything too small and dense to read. Putting some details on the back of the card will make it easier for the recipient to take in important information about your business.

Enhance your Brand

A double-sided business card allows you to use the back to maximise your message by including additional information about what you offer as well as enhance your brand with graphical treatments and visually appealing design elements.

Increase the Value

You can make a double-sided business card more valuable for everyone who receives it. Whether it’s a map or directions to your business, a promotional coupon or an inspirational quote, good use of this space will make your business card far more likely to be kept.

To maximise the effectiveness of your business card, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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