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Business cards are an effective marketing tool and a great way to help your customers and prospects pay attention to who you are and what you do. But in today’s busy world, you need to think whether a standard rectangular business card is still effective for your company and brand, or if you need some new creative ways to draw attention to your business. To provide you with some inspiration, here is a selection of some of the more innovative business card designs out there today.

6 Unique Business Cards to Inspire

  1. Choko la

With a brief to capture the essence of the product and brand for this chocolate company, the ad agency managed to create a candy wrapper business card that delivers two treats to clients – a delicious chocolate with the added bonus of being a brilliantly clever business card.

unique business card design

  1. MODHair

This Italian hair salon has been able to leave a lasting impression with this business card design. The innovative idea of a musical comb business card plays a classic rock theme when played using your fingernail. A great design that offers a cool business card idea that will leave a great impression.


  1. Martyna Wędzicka

This polish designer really wanted to showcase her hands on approach to projects and design. The result was a personal, hand-made business card that offers the client something unique. The business cards’ clear canvas lets the designer add some clever doodle art for that added personal touch.


  1. Vitor Bonates

As a self-confessed lover of all things music and vinyl, Bonates came up with a business card based on his beloved vinyl records and sleeves. He replaces the track name and details with his own on the vinyl record adding a special finishing design touch of a sleeve to hold the replica record – a simple yet brilliant idea!


  1. BDH Millwork

These innovative business cards for cabinet maker Brad Haniak offered a cost saving initiative where leftover wood from his business mill provided the material. All relevant business card information is rubber-stamped onto leftover wood with a sophisticated end result.

unique business card design

  1. Ritornell

Last but by no means least – we bring you one of the coolest business cards around. Specially designed business cards were created with the help of laser assisted milling made of nine micro compositions consisting of circles, triangles and Ritornell’s contact details applied to a long music box paper stripe. Check it out for yourself…

For business cards that make a great first impression for your business, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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