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FY CalendarBranded gifts are a great way to keep your brand in each customer’s line of sight and for best results, it’s important that you know your audience so that you can choose a product that they will use time and time again.

Promotional products are the perfect marketing tool when it comes to increasing awareness of your business. They continue to play an important part in any marketing plan and are a cost effective way of reinforcing your brand in the marketplace.

Another important benefit of promotional products is that they can give your company a reputation of helpfulness. Your customer is receiving an item that is helpful to them (say a pen, water bottle or USB stick) and your business gets an ongoing advertisement.

It’s amazing what people can remember from what they’ve read on a pen or drink bottle they use every day and if it’s your logo they’re seeing on a daily basis then what better way to raise brand awareness for your business?

Promotional products as a means of marketing continue to enjoy popularity and as something tangible, they can instantly be perceived as more interesting by your customers and prospects. They are not only a cost-effective way to promote your business, but better still if you choose products that prove useful to the audience you want to reach, they can make a lasting impression.

Financial Year Calendars

As the end of this financial year rapidly approaches, a calendar for the new financial year can make a great promotional product for your business.

A professionally designed calendar customised with your branding can be a real winner. When it comes to the design it’s important to think about your target market and produce a calendar suited to their needs. Are they more traditional or will they respond to something more creative. Kwik Kopy can help you customise your promotional calendar to make a big impact with those you’re trying to impress.

Mark out important dates – perhaps when you have a regular promotion, trade show or plan to launch a new product to market. If you have details of each client’s birthday or work anniversary, you could also consider offering a discount or promotion on that date.

A calendar continues to be a viable marketing tool for businesses and they offer a great way to get your brand in front of your clients and prospects all year round

But there are a wide range of promotional products available and each offers a great way to create an impression with your audience.

There are many reasons to use promotional products as part of your marketing plan and when you work with Kwik Kopy we can manage all aspects of campaign management from idea development to product sourcing, with a range of solutions to suit your budget and deliver the best results for your brand.

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