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getting your business online in the digital ageAs a business owner, you know that in this digital age you need to invest in an online presence. But to whether you’ve created a website, a social media presence or both – your business needs to continue to make an impact online to maximise brand awareness. Here are some tips to get you started…

Tips for Building Online Success for your Business

  1. Content is King

It’s an expression you’ll hear a lot of when it comes to your business website and building an online presence for your brand. If you want to attract site visitors then you need to create content and then keep creating more content. It’s all about communicating with your target market so that they pay attention to your brand and best of all – they remember your brand too!  To be really successful, always remember to keep it simple and if you really want to engage your audience then stick to the things you’re an expert in or feel passionate about. Don’t forget to measure how your content is tracking by using analytics such as Google Analytics and adjust things to suit your audience needs as you go.

  1. Search for your Targets

These days more than 90% of people are going to search for local businesses online, but the trick is getting noticed. Rather than waiting for your potential customers to find you, there are a few simple ways for you to be proactive:

  1. Email marketing: Start putting together an email list of customers and prospects that have shown interest in your business and start making a connection with them now. Asking people to sign-up on your website by registering to learn more about you and your brand or signing up for a company newsletter is a great place to start.
  2. SEM (search engine marketing): Paid search ads or pay-per-click (PPC) ads can drive traffic to your website almost instantly. All you have to do is select some keywords relevant to your business and brand, set a budget, put in your maximum bid then wait for the site visitors to arrive.
  3. Don’t forget social: Social media marketing can also be extremely effective and efficient for small business as plenty of social media platforms offer paid promotional programs and the good news is that they’re pretty straightforward to manage.

A quick word about your domain name

Your domain name is your online identity that lets’ people know where they can find you so try to use it on everything!

For help creating a strong online presence for your brand, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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