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Why expert graphic design services are worth the investment

For startups, SMEs and large corporations alike, success in business hinges upon great design. In today’s busy marketplace, haphazard DIY visuals are no longer enough: impactful, polished branding is the only way to get heard above the competition, engage your ideal audience and ultimately drive conversions.

This means taking a strategic approach to design, print and branding – one that maximises opportunities to connect with customers via multiple channels.

In this article, we speak to AJ Hightower, Owner and Creative Director of Kwik Kopy Geebung and 121 Creative Geebung, about how holistic graphic design services can help your business flourish.

A.J Hightower holding his awards

A.J recently took home one Gold and two Silver Awards for Branding and Identity at the 39th National Print Awards.

The benefits of expert graphic design services

When short on time and budget, it can be tempting to take a slapdash in-house approach to communications – filling content to publish materials as long as they look ‘fine’.

“But what’s the point of sending work out that’s fine?” says AJ. “When all your competitors are also doing things that are fine, or maybe even good, this will only push you further down the ladder.”

So what does powerful branding look like? According to AJ, it comes down to putting your audience at the centre of your approach.

“Businesses should be asking themselves, Am I making a positive impact on my customers with this design?

Imagine you’re choosing between two restaurants to take your partner to dinner: one has a clean, well-structured menu, while the other has a menu that looks clumsy and rushed (not to mention you’ve spotted a few typos). Where would you want to eat?

Essentially, your communications should be visually appealing and thoughtfully designed. But in addition, they need to express your brand’s personality and offerings in a way that attracts your ideal customer.

Developing communications to this standard – for a range of digital and print platforms – is no mean feat. It takes time and demands a broad set of skills that can be hard to find in-house.

For many businesses, the solution lies in engaging an expert design-and-print service.

A printer producing a colourful brochure

Did you know people are more likely to accurately comprehend and recall information if they’ve read it from a page rather than from a screen?

Seek a full design-and-print service for the best results

When selecting a graphic design services provider, there are two key advantages to choosing one that provides end-to-end design solutions for both digital and print.


1. Quality across all channels is assured

Many modern design agencies focus on digital platforms only, which means they lack the technical knowledge and skills to maximise the potential impact of print design.

“Just because a design looks good on screen doesn’t mean it’ll look good in print,” says AJ. “With signage design, for example, it’s easy to make something beautiful on screen. But what about when it’s suddenly 6 metres wide, and you’re 30 metres away?”

A design team specialising in digital and print design will know how to make the most of every platform to achieve quality and brand recognition, therefore maximising your return on investment.

If you’re dubious about whether investing in print design is even worth it in the digital age, know that people are more likely to accurately comprehend and recall information if they’ve read it from a page than from a screen.

“The thing about print is that it uses more senses,” AJ explains. “It’s tangible, it has a feeling, it has a comforting smell, and it seems to have a higher value. It’s more personal.

“So when you get marketing materials that are nicely designed and don’t look like junk mail, you’re more likely to absorb it and then act on it.”


2. An efficient service means you’ll save time and money

Another benefit of a full design-and-print service is that you’re unlikely to encounter hold-ups caused by miscommunication.

“Often, a design agency will meet their deadline but haven’t yet conversed with the printer,” AJ says. “So when it goes to the printer, and there’s a problem, suddenly a three-month project turns into a six-month project.”

Files that haven’t been optimised for print may cost significant time and money to rectify – a burden you want to avoid when budgets are tight and deadlines are looming.

“Full-service designers don’t have that communication gap,” continues AJ. “So there’s a lot less fumbling between the production and design stages, meaning we can go to the market quicker.

“And because of our knowledge of both design and print, when a client has a deadline, we can look at their budget and come up with options for print and design that are achievable in their time frame. This way, we avoid going over budget.”

A printed brochure being printed

At Kwik Kopy, we design for many channels.

The specialty design and print services offered at Kwik Kopy

What sets Kwik Kopy apart from others in the industry is that our designers are generalists. Whether you’re after a quick set of 100 on-brand business cards or looking to develop a strategic cross-channel marketing campaign, we’re ready to meet all your design needs. Just think of us as a one-stop communications shop!

“Other studios might specialise in one area, whether that be branding or websites,” says AJ. “But at Kwik Kopy, we design for many channels – and do so frequently. Our designers learn to specialise in all areas to make everything more cohesive across different channels.”

Most Kwik Kopy centres specialise in the following branded content types:

  • Annual reports
  • Business cards
  • Digital design
  • EDMs
  • Formal proposals
  • Graphic design posters, brochures and flyers
  • Interior fit-outs
  • Invitations
  • Logos
  • Print signage design
  • Pull-up banner design
  • Social media
  • Training manuals
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Video editing
  • Web development
  • And more!

Plus, our centres have access to premium design studios that offer an even broader range of skills.

“Being part of a network means we can offer additional services like marketing strategy and higher-end design,” AJ adds.

Kwik Kopy ‘We Make Possible’

We go above and beyond to ensure your designs cleverly showcase all your business has to offer.

We make high-impact design possible

For businesses seeking expert digital and print design in Australia, Kwik Kopy produces memorable multi-channel marketing collateral that offers the very best of style and substance. As part of our We Make Possible brand purpose, we go above and beyond to ensure your designs cleverly showcase all your business has to offer.

We also know that sustainability is important to our customers, so we provide a range of eco-friendly printing solutions to suit your budget. 

Just think of us as an extension of your team. Let’s get started!

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